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disk usage | du –max-depth=1

There is an easy way to find out where your disk used for, the command du can be used and with an max-depth option you can get a view on which folder hold most bytes.

pacman ~ # du -h --max-depth=1 /var/log
16K	/var/log/cups
4,0K	/var/log/speech-dispatcher
4,0K	/var/log/ntpstats
8,0K	/var/log/hp
12K	/var/log/ConsoleKit
28K	/var/log/lightdm
12K	/var/log/fsck
4,0K	/var/log/upstart
1,7M	/var/log/installer
4,0K	/var/log/samba
228K	/var/log/apt
5,3M	/var/log