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How to change 15pin to 14pin VGA

If you have an old IBM PC with VGA and it’s only 1 pin where the normal is 15pin then don’t panic, it’s possible to change that by removing one pin and then it can connect to 15 pin monitor, you just need to remove it in one end and you have a 14pin to 15pin adapter cable 😉

Here is my modified 15 pin cable, just changed it in one end and it worked wih my 15 pin LCD monitor

Seems like one of the purposes for the one pin is that newer vga monitor can report it’s resolution back to the computer so you need to set that manually.

How to copy .img files to floppy with DD

If you are into retro computing and need to copy one of the old floppy .img disks to a diskette then it can be done with dd for unix/linux or by using the windows port of dd

My son learning to code Power Basic for DOS and switching floppies 😉

In my case i had 2 computeres with a floppy drive, one was a Windows XP machine and the other was a much older DOS computer without USB or network and i need to test FreeDOS and MS DOS 6.2 but i only had files like disk1.img downloaded from the internet and blank 1.44 floppy disks.

In my first attempt i tried to use a Windows program called winimage but it was not able to run on the old Windows XP, maybe it needed a servicepack or somthing else, so the fastest way was to find a simpler and faster solution and dd came in to my rescue.

here is How to copy a disk.img to floppy with dd


dd if=disk1.img of=/dev/fd0

Windows (DOS or CMD Console)

dd if=disk1.img of=\\?\Device\Floppy0

It can be downloaded at

OR from my server