C64 Mini with US keyboard and USB-hub

Got an upgrade to my C64 Mini today, a USB2.0 hub and a US keyboad, that means that makes it easier for me to use the C64 Mini because many games requires some keyboard presses like hitting the F1, the spacebar or writing your name on a highscore.

The C64 was sold with a US keyboard and if you wanted to change that then you had to alter the ROM and that required a EPROM burner.

The C64 Mini can use a normal US keyboard and if you wan’t a nice one that is small then they are way to expensive here in Denmark, so i had to wait a month to get one from China, but with a price of 58,- kr with free shipping, it was ok with the waiting time…..the hub was “free” but had to pay 28 kr. i n shipping still very cheap.

The C64 Mini with an USB hub and US keyboard from Wish.com

Can’t wait to program BASIC with my son 😉

The C64 with a fullsize keyboard is expected to hit the danish stores (Elgiganten) in December also with a better joystick, look the same but with microswitches and much more robust. The joystick on the photo is the original and it’s better than expected, i have had the problems that other users have reported.