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Adminer – MariaDB/MySQL/PostGreSQL/SQLite Database management in a single file

If you wan’t easy external access to a MariaDB/MySQL/PostGreSQL/SQLite and some other known databases that consist of a single php file that is easy to setup on any webserver with PHP then Adminer is a great and handy little solution to install.

Here is a small screenshot of the system, it allows the most basic SQL features as creating a database, handle table schema, insert, update, create an query a database.

Adminer is also faster and tidier than phpMyAdmin that would be the closest similar management system.

Read more and download Adminer here

How To use Apache Bench for Simple Load Testing

If you wan’t to do a simple loadtesting of your site, then i will recommend using Apache Bench, it’ simple to install

Installing Apache Bench

sudo apt install apache2-utils

Suppose you wan’t to test if your site can handle 100 request with 10 concurrent users.

ab -n 100 -c 10

I got this result…took only 6 sec to handle 100 requests

SSL | Generate self-signed certificate and key in one line

If you need a quick self-signed certificate, you can create a key/pair, sign it in just one line.

openssl req -subj '/O=Company Name/' -new -newkey rsa:2048 -days 1095 -nodes -x509 -keyout server.key -out server.crt

Replace Company Name, Domain with your own.

I would also recommend calling the server keys something like domain.tld.key/crt

This certificate will expire after 3 years (1095 days)

disk usage | du –max-depth=1

There is an easy way to find out where your disk used for, the command du can be used and with an max-depth option you can get a view on which folder hold most bytes.

pacman ~ # du -h --max-depth=1 /var/log
16K	/var/log/cups
4,0K	/var/log/speech-dispatcher
4,0K	/var/log/ntpstats
8,0K	/var/log/hp
12K	/var/log/ConsoleKit
28K	/var/log/lightdm
12K	/var/log/fsck
4,0K	/var/log/upstart
1,7M	/var/log/installer
4,0K	/var/log/samba
228K	/var/log/apt
5,3M	/var/log