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Welcome to my homepage

There is not much here right now, but i will put stuff on this page that might be usefull...

Why not SSL/HTTPS?

You are now on a non-secure internet location, no don't worry it's just redirected to a site that is not secured with ssl on purpose :-)

I think it's best to secure sites if it is needed to secure some sentitive data, but what i don't understand is why it is needed for at site like this.....that's paranoid :)

So in protest to the all homepages on the internet has to be https/ssl then i have decided to redirect https to http on this site....

There is also another reason to this, it has to be possible to browse my site on a vintage computer that don't understand new ssl standards.


I use Linux Mint on my personal computers and i love how user-friendly it is and it's very well translated into danish ♥ my native language and then why not use it in my own language as mac, chromebook or windows users mostly do?

I love that i have all the power of *nix under the hood.....programming languages and tools like c, sqlite, ncurses, python, php etc. ♥

I also love that i get a full office suite without any extra cost ♥

Linux just make me feel that i really own my computer and it's not controlled by a big company like Microsoft, Apple, Google and what i put on my computer now will also work 20 years from now and if i shutdown my computer for many years and start it up as a vintage computer :-) then it would still work because it does not need an "activation" or other dependencies from a foreign microsoft, google or apple account required ♥

Finally i love to use DOSBOX and C64 emulators for old software and games ♥

Stuff for download

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